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We know that real estate sellers not only want their house or apartment to be in good hands, but also want to get a fair price when they sell. As a property seller, you benefit from our individual support and will achieve the best price for your property.

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Save a lot of time and effort

As a seller, you save a lot of time and effort when you hire a real estate agent to sell your property

Expert support

A real estate agent gives you a certain degree of security when selling your property and clears up ambiguities

Even better chances

Thanks to the diverse possibilities of the real estate agent, the chances of a quick sales success with a high sales price are given

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We are aware that, as a property seller, it is not only important to you that your home is in good hands, but that a high sales price is also achieved. In addition to helping you sell your home, Griasskin Real Estate negotiates on your behalf to sell your property for a profit at the best possible selling price.

In order to increase the success of the sale of your property, we offer a complete preparation of the property. Together we discuss visual improvements that can be implemented by ourselves and optionally offer a concierge service. With our concierge service, we can prepare your property for the photo shoot in the best possible way and completely individually so that your property clearly stands out in the marketing.

Preparation of the property

Success-oriented marketing

No two homes are the same. Therefore, we work out a detailed plan with you to present your home in the best possible way. A meaningful, interactive synopsis provides the interested party with all the information and thus generates interest. Based on our experience, we know which data and facts are of interest to your target group and put together a professional overall package. This creates curiosity in your target group. Professional photos, drone recordings, 3D tours and understandable floor plans form the basis for successful negotiations and marketing at the best possible sales price.

Griasskin Real Estate is known for an extensive network. Our network of service providers from various industries ensures that our team has the right expert to recommend for every concern – whether it’s a tradesman, transport company or lawyer. As a real estate seller, you benefit from this network and will sell your home as quickly as possible.

All-round service

Sustainable care

Griasskin Real Estate goes the so-called extra mile for all customers. You will be accompanied, supported and looked after by our experts from start to finish. At every step of the way and, if you like, beyond, because questions or ambiguities can arise after the successful sale. That is why your contact at Griasskin Real Estate is still there for you and maintains sustainable service.

Would you like to sell your property, but want as few people as possible to notice? Griasskin Real Estate has a suitable method for you with which your property can be successfully sold almost in camera.

Discreet sale

Selling price

The factors

Housing market, location, condition, facilities and the real estate agent. A crystal ball could now read into the housing market and give the optimal sales price.

In reality, however, you only have control over the last three factors. Choosing the right real estate agent is particularly important when selling real estate, because with his knowledge and expertise he can use the local market to organize the sale in your interests.

The ultimate goal of Griasskin Real Estate is to help you get the best possible selling price while minimizing the stress and time it takes to sell. Therefore, we also offer suitable bidding and promotion procedures in order not only to achieve the highest sales price, but also to find the right buyer for your property.

You will very gladly receive a free price assessment of your property or a detailed real estate appraisal, which is also free of charge if commissioned.

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Customer references

Fast, professional and courteous work ethic and personality. Open questions, of which very few still arose, were clarified directly or at very short notice. Ongoing support in the processing steps for contract execution/notarization. We would also have future orders processed through Ms. Griasskin.
Stefan Wrede
Ms. Griasskin is a very nice and competent consultant and facilitator with a professional attitude. Every request is always answered quickly and helpfully. I would work with Ms. Griasskin again anytime.
Kai Hege
[...]We felt immediately understood & were impressed by your understanding of our ideas & your sales idea. She prepared our home accordingly & our beloved home was marketed discreetly. [...]
T&S M., Verkäufer
I have rarely experienced such professional and nice service. She is always easy to reach, has good and spontaneous ideas, is hardworking and that also in the evenings and on weekends, empathetic, simply a perfect realtor. Thank you, the decisions have brought us joy. Gladly again.
Florian H.
After quickly receiving all the relevant documents in advance, all the properties were presented to us in person the following day and we felt comprehensively informed.
Simone Zinnert
With Ms. Griasskin, selling my property was a breeze. She was very dedicated, honest & always kept me informed. If you are looking for a hardworking, honest and competent [...]
P. K., Verkäufer